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August 20, 2013
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Twisted Jane by Kasami-Sensei Twisted Jane by Kasami-Sensei
My new twisted character : Twisted Jane

inspired by ~jeftoon01…
and his Twisted Princess collection

Story : When the team of explorers, consisting of Professor Porter, his daughter Jane and their hunter guide Clayton, arrives in the jungle of Africa, Jane is accidentally separated from the group and chased by a pack of baboons but nobody rescues her. In her escape, she falls into a river, carried away by the current she becomes hopelessly lost. She must learn to survive in this dangerous place. Gorillas are untraceable consequently Clayton decides to go back to England but Professor Porter doesn't want to leave his daughter on the nature. Clayton doesn't care and the professor is forcibly repatriated. Two years are past, Porter died of sorrow and Clayton and his band of poachers return to the african jungle. Over there they are ambushed by a wild woman, Clayton recognizes Jane. She became very aggressive, indeed she kills many men of his band with violence. She doesn't recognize others human, she is completly savage, but they finally capture Jane. Satisfied, Clayton sells Jane to a freak show of England against a lot of money. So Jane become "The Wild Woman", she is cannibal and she had lost the use of speech. She attracts the public and exalts the crowds for a few coins.

Twisted Disney collection :…
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Now that's a wild idea. One could argue that she had a nervous breakdown. Tarzan had the advantage of growing up in the jungle, but for sweet, civilized Jane, it would be mind blasting.

What if some social crusader took pity on Jane, a la Elephant Man, and tried to lead her back to sanity?

As for the picture itself, shocking, but fun in a good, old-fashioned horror comic sort of way. Clap 
Dramatic, but loses points for the severity of it; I just don't think Jane could 'degenerate' that far in only a year...
It's 2 years Lick 
The point still stands; she was alone for only two years after spending around twenty years living among others, so civilisation should have had enough of an impact on her that she wouldn't degenerate this far this quickly.
what is she eating
 the same meat that is given to circus animals uh ... I hope ^^
Is it weird that I find these awesome rather than creepy?
apollosGirlxD Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm glad it would take more than two years for that to happen...good job though :3
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